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Sample Testing Services for Contractors
There are some circumstances that allow non-certified personnel to collect samples of building materials for testing for asbestos for official purposes. Please familiarize yourself with applicable local and state regulations.  Testing should never be done to circumvent the EPA regulation requiring the survey of buildings prior to renovation or demolition. However, it may be acceptable to test building materials discovered on a job site exposed by construction or demolition (e.g. Michigan law permits this in certain circumstances).

Contractor DIY sampling can also be done when a surficial remodeling project is done that disturbs very few materials and does not meet the definition of a renovation. Sampling can also be done for contractors working in single-family homes, which are not covered by EPA regulations. Tri-Tech can assist general contractors or trades with bulk sample analyses and provide interpretation of results. Tri-Tech can also provide some guidance and assurance that proper sampling techniques were utilized. 
Asbestos testing of floor tile and mastic for a flooring renovation is the most common DIY sample type submitted for testing.

Bulk sample testing can also be performed for the following materials and samples:

  • Lead in paint chips

  • Lead in window blind slats, ceramic tile, cork etc.

  • Lead and arsenic in soil

  • Arsenic in wood preservative (qualitative-yes/no)

  • Mold on drywall paper/other substrates
asbestos floor tile abatement
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