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About Tri-Tech Building Hygiene is a service provided by Tri-Tech Building Hygiene Services, an independent owner-operated testing and consulting business providing Nationwide services from its office in southeast Michigan. As a one-person home-office based business, you can be assured of personal service at affordable rates.
Joseph Burley, Building Hygienist
I worked for 20 years in the environmental business before starting my own company 10 years ago. Let me put my expertise to work for you!
Committed to helping our customers and their contractors work safely in the home
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YES!  Because I consolidate and submit large batches of samples to laboratories, I am able to pass on my commercial bulk discount to my customers. My rates are competitive with or less than rates charged for a homeowner to deal directly with a lab. Some labs are reluctant deal directly with homeowners for single samples and therefore may charge up to 10x more than they charge consultants. 
And unlike dealing directly with a laboratory, you get personalized interpretation of the results! Best suited when unofficial results are needed. There is no problem relying on "positive results" but note that DIY samples may not be legally defensible or appropriate to rely on for some compliance purposes. Sampling of dangerous or high-risk materials by DIY'ers is discouraged. Obviously, some things are best left to the pros...if in doubt just ask! If your samples are collected in the State of Michigan, please go to the Tri-Tech DIY testing page.
Testing Services offered through often cost less than dealing directly with a lab?
Analyses performed by Michigan or nationally accredited laboratories