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Sample Testing for Homeowners
We take care to provide our customers with personalized do-it-yourself (DIY) testing services personalized for your home health or home improvement project.

We offer a variety of testing services including:
Bulk samples can be shipped for testing in a ziplock bag via US mail, Fed Ex or UPS. Please note that as a home-based business, you will be charged the residential delivery rate.

Miscellaneous Heavy Metals

Asbestos/Lead and Mold Samples
*= Specialized sampling methods and a large volume of sample are required of vermiculite for accurate results. Ideally, three sub-samples of a one quart bag volume are collected from the bottom settled fraction and composited. reserves the right to refuse samples that do not appear to have been collected properly. Inconclusive results may require additional and more expensive test methods to properly characterize the material.
Please contact me for special instructions regarding other testing services
asbestos bulk samples
only a postage-stamp sized sample is required for asbestos testing
small samples are recommended for high-risk materials such as insulation
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